As a young child playing dress up was a must for Sarah. Using her imagination to create different styles was something that came natural to her. Sarah grew up with a sewing machine always close by. Her mother, an avid quilter had created a firm foundation for Sarah to build upon. Creating a room where the walls were full of ripped out pages from magazines, she then proceeded to design her first dress for a junior high school dance. Knowing even then her dream of becoming a fashion designer would be a reality.
Soon after High School graduation she headed off to The Savannah College of Art and Design. Sarah was determined to learn everything she could about clothing and construction. During her breaks from school she would insist on traveling all over Europe and Asia to discover a world that would inspire and influence her life. Driven to see anything and everything, thirsting for diversity and culture that would fuel her imagination.

Upon graduating with a fashion design degree Sarah headed to New York City. She began interning and working for designers such as Vena Cava, Elise Overland and Maggie Norris Couture. Gaining as much knowledge as possible to give her the experience she needed to start her own company.

In the summer of 2008, inspired by her own German heritage and love of fashion, she launched Edelweiss by Sarah. Giving not only those who live in New York but to all women a new approach to clothing. Edelweiss illustrates a vintage appeal as well as encompassing a playful yet sophisticated lifestyle.

Constantly inspired by New York and the diversity of its culture Sarah will continue to build a brand and lifestyle for people to come to know and love.